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SVEBA S.r.l.

SVEBA S.r.l.




Contract Development Manufactoring Organization.

Established in 1994 as a phytotherapeutic laboratory, specialized in the production of 100% Italian herbal supplements and nutraceuticals, today Sveba is one of the preeminent European contractors (CDMO – Contractor Development Manufactoring Organization) , operating in the realm of natural plant extracts and is recognized as a principle leader in terms of innovation, expertise and acuity.  

Today, Sveba is part of VOS Group and is specialized in development processing for food supplements. We provide customized solutions according to the specific requirements of every client or in collaboration with our own R&D department, offering services for the entire production process. For nearly 30 years, we have followed a tradition that aims to offer clients custom-made solutions thanks to a careful and qualified industrial process and the utilization of increasingly innovative technologies. 

We provide to three kind of Offer: Products; Project and Industrial relationship for bulk production. In particular  our approach is manage on the following phases     Study and product formulation Technical and scientific assistance Purchase of raw materials Management of the packaging material Production Packaging & Printing Labels Regulatory & notification Support Logistics and shipment of goods  Design and creation of the brand (if required)   The processing activity includes a collaborative relationship with the customer as "Full Service" for a product already on the market or for a completely new project, or "mixed," for which the customer can provide raw or packaging materials. Account processing may be for a single production or the semi-finished product processing; the only primary or secondary packaging, with raw and packaging materials provided in part or totally by the customer. Technological adjuvants/excipients necessary for the formulation of the products are defined on the basis of our extensive expertise. The development of new projects is supported by Sveba with samples to verify the feasibility, flavoring, etc. We support customers in the most appropriate choices for the stability analyses that must be performed to ensure an adequate shelf-life of the product. Sveba works with clients to plan and carry out their own analyses on the finished products or semi-finished products, in external affiliated laboratories. 


Snellton 30, 60 or 120 tablets of 400 mg

Marca: Fisiosve ®
Categoría: Complementos alimenticios

Propolis for adults 150 ml

Marca: Fisiosve®
Categoría: Complementos alimenticios

Dren 500 ml

Marca: Fitosve ®
Categoría: Complementos alimenticios

Choltrig - red box of 20 stickpack

Marca: Fitosve ®
Categoría: Complementos alimenticios

Probiotics with FOS

Marca: Probiosve ®
Categoría: Complementos alimenticios


Fisiosve ®

High quality dietary supplements. The formula is created by skilfully mixing the active ingredients to meet the needs of each consumer. The association of ingredients is made on the basis of thirty years of experience in the field of Supplements, which over the years has received a multitude of feedback in the field.

Fitosve ®

This brand characterizes our food supplements with vegetable ingredients. They reflect the origins of our company and are the result of the contribution of all the companies of the group. Where possible, we use plants from the Italian supply chain grown in collaboration with anxiety, near the pollino national park. Using raw materials grown in uncontaminated Italain fields close to the factory permits to shorten teh supply chain within 40 Km.

Probiosve ®

Food supplements based on probiotics, for the well-being of the intestine and beyond. The intestine is our second brain and in the field of health at 360 °. This is a recent, but ambitious project that involves the management of probiotics from the raw material to the finished product. It is processed in a dedicated production department.


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